Channel 5 – The Great Plague

CHANNEL 5 THE GREAT PLAGUE, 17th November 2020

In the light of the Covid-19 epidemic, The Great Plague is a programme that re-looks at the events of the Great Plague in 1665-6. An important part of this re-examination is the potential role that head lice played in the spread of the pandemic. 

It was originally thought that fleas on rats spread the disease, but recent research has showed that it was transmitted by lice and fleas on people instead. This breakthrough only furthers the importance of having lice-free hair and regularly visiting a head lice removal salon to ensure this is done effectively. 

The Hairforce nit and head lice removal service provided live head lice for the experiments the filmmakers had to do. We even told the children from whom we extracted the lice that theirs were going to be in a movie!

You can watch the three-night series from Tuesday 17th November.

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