The Hairforce Experience

We often get asked what exactly happens during an appointment when a person visits one our clinics. In this article we explain exactly what you can expect to experience during a Hairforce clinic appointment.

A Hairforce Clinic Appointment

What can I expect when visiting a Hairforce clinic? The Hairforce delivers a spa-like experience which is a long way from how head lice make you feel.

Our lice removal experts – called Lice Assassins – do the hard work whilst your child (or yourself) sit comfortably either reading a magazine; watching a film; or playing on a games console.

When you leave after the one-and-a-half-hour appointment all the head lice and visible eggs will have been extracted. We deliver a relaxed, pleasant experience which restores and rejuvenates the client.

Learn more about how we treat head lice

Why are conventional head lice treatments not effective?

According to the direct experiences of the clients who use The Hairforce, conventional head lice products are just not working at shutting down an infestation. If they did they wouldn’t need us! Often, by the time clients get to us they have tried every head lice removal product on the market and all the home remedies that they have read about online or heard from friends.

Whilst using these products users still find live head lice and are plagued by the nits (the eggs) that are still in the hair and in many cases are hatching. The head lice and nits themselves often survive the conventional head lice products.

The process used at The Hairforce is not dependent upon a head lice treatment product and so the head lice cannot become immune to it.

Instead, The Hairforce uses a combination of clever technology to hoover out the head and controlled heated air to dehydrate the eggs, and then forensic hand clearing to extract all the dried out eggs or nits.

How much does your hair lice treatment cost?

The cost of shutting down an average infestation at a Hairforce clinic is:

●  £100 for the first 90 minute clear out

●  £50 for the second 60-minute appointment, seven days later

Heavy infestations cost £150 for the first appointment, and require a second appointment at £50, and a third appointment at another £50. This is because heavy infestations change their developmental pattern and instead of 7 to 11 days for all the eggs to come through it takes 13 to 15 days.

For that price we deliver a fast, safe and effective process and we guarantee to shut the infestation down.

We don’t use any head lice products, dimethicone or insecticides so the head lice cannot become immune to any part of our process. We see someone twice, 7 days apart.

Can you visit my home to do lice removal on all of my children?

To access The Hairforce nit and head lice clearing service you can either book an appointment at one of our clinics or we can come to you for a home visit. We work to a 30-minute radius for a home visit.

We can travel outside that radius but that incurs an extra charge.

Our Hairforce Clinics and home visits

If you’d like to find out if we can help you where you live call your nearest clinic and see how they can accommodate you. Important: the prices for home visits are different as we must factor in the travel time and travel expenses of the lice removal expert who comes to your home.

Visit our Clinics hub page to find out if there is a Hairforce clinic near you.

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