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Book an appointment at one of our nit and head lice removal clinics. Home visits are also available within our operating radius

The Hairforce professional clincis

Book an appointment at one of the Hairforce nit and lice removal clinics or even a home visit if you are within our operating radius


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About our lice removal clinics

Our professional 100% guarantee

When you are cleared there is a 10 day period in which we can work out if anything was missed, so if you find anything in that time we will get you back in to check. We have a very thorough process so rest assured it is hard for us to leave anything in there

The client experience

Whilst we go about the checking or clearing your child is kept comfortable and entertained with a movie or game. If they prefer to read or do their homework they can. For the adults there are magazines, a tea or coffee and time to observe us in action

Our professional Lice Assassins

All our Lice Assassins are thoroughly trained in our forensic process. Everyone at our many branches have been through our head office training programme. Obsessed with detail, they are very focused and motivated by doing something rewarding

Clearer head, clearer mind

Do not underestimate how head lice affect your child – their performance in class, their confidence, their relationships at home and at school and their self esteem. Once they are gone then everyone can get on with the important things in life

A Hairforce clinic in action

See why Embarrassing Bodies called us ‘the lice experts’

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Other services we offer


The Hairforce experience
comes to you


Our professional services for

Home visits

The Hairforce experience comes to you

All equipment is portable and discreetly boxed. The Lice Assassin comes to your home in an un-branded car, sets up and gets on with it. The full service delivered in the familiar surroundings of your home not our Clinic. Home visits are generally operated in a 1/2 hour radius from the Clinic. Home visits are charged at a different rate.

School checks

Our professional services for schools 

Our professional school checks focus all the parents on the issue – and when that happens the children get cleared.
We bring a team of Lice Assassins into your school and check specific classes or the whole school. Each individual child’s privacy is protected at all times

Get kitted out

Win the war in your own home with Hairforce products.
   The same products we use in our clinics backed with our expert tutorials.

The absolute essential

Everything you need to win

Professional nit & lice remover

  • Clinically proven to end nit & lice infestations
  • High performance professional formula
  • Safe, non-toxic & irritation free – No pesticides, no parabens, no sulphates, no oils
  • High visibility, see through formula
  • Non-greasy leave in
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Backed with our expert training

The home assassination kit

The Hairforce Home Assassination Kit gives you everything you need to check and clear like a professional.
  • Hairforce professional nit & lice remover
  • Professional nit comb
  • Tail comb for diving into hair sections
  • 12 small hairbands for easy division
  • Professional magnifier

Know the enemy

All the intel you need to win the war on nits & head lice

Talk to us

All the support you need to win