Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are safe as well as effective


Response to the
COVID-19 pandemic

We are safe as well as effective

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are safe as well as effective

Our commitment
From day one we have had gold standard hygiene practices as a business. We will continue to deliver a safe environment that will now additionally comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines issued by the Government.
Our Clinics

We have always adhered to strict hygiene protocols that protect both our clients and our staff – clean, disinfected equipment for each client; cleaning and disinfection of the treatment chair for each client, use of medical grade hand sanitiser before and after working on a client –  and this will continue.

With regards to protection we will now wear additional disposable PPE.

We will continue to ensure adequate ventilation with doors and windows open where and when possible.

Some of our clinics will continue to provide a waiting area, but this will be limited to only one member of the family.  Some of our clinics have had to remove their waiting area to ensure social distancing can be maintained.  For those clinics, were the child cannot be left the parent or carer will also need an appointment.

Some of our clinics will continue to provide access to the toilet but it will be restricted.

Our team

With regards to protection our staff will now wear additional PPE in the form of a disposable mask and apron, and where it doesn’t hinder accuracy, a face visor.  Gloves will generally not be worn but hands will be sanitised before and between clients as is our usual practice.

PPE will be replaced after every client or between families.

Our Lice Assassin will stay with you throughout the treatment – not venturing out of the room – to reduce the need to replace PPE and minimise other forms of contact.

The team will work to social distancing in the clinic and in the communal staff areas.

Client arrival and reception

Because we are at present either providing a restricted or no waiting area only the person having a treatment will enter the clinic, where they will be taken directly to their chair.

At the entrance and before entering their temperature will be taken using a no contact thermometer.

On entering the clinic hand sanitiser will be applied to the hands.

Arrival times will be staggered to ensure social distancing.

We ask you, our customers…

To arrive at the specific time agreed to maximise social distancing for everyone.

To bring only necessary belongings to the appointment.

To please go to the toilet prior to coming to your appointment.

To come wearing a face mask and to continue to wear that in the clinic. If no face mask is present, we will provide one at a charge of £2 per mask.  Should a client or accompanying adult refuse to wear a mask the appointment will be cancelled, with no refund given.

Those having a check or a clear to thoroughly wash and dry their hair before the appointment as well as detangle, and if long enough, to come with it tied back.

Those being checked or cleared are collected at the specified time.

Do not book an appointment if you or anyone you live with is self-isolating or is displaying symptoms known to be consistent with Covid-19.

We are happy to discuss any of your individual concerns

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