Know the

All the intel you need to win
the war on nits and head lice

Know the

All the intel you need to win the war on nits and head lice 

The facts of lice

They're machines

Girl has to meet boy but only once. After that she lays up to 10 eggs per day for 30 days

They’re blood suckers

When lice feed they inject their saliva to keep that blood flowing nicely. You itch if you have an allergic reaction to it. 53% of people don’t itch…

They’re survivors

Adult lice can live off the head for up to 48 hours. The eggs are invisible when they are laid. They are constantly evolving to beat the products

They’re fast movers

They can crawl 23 cm in a minute which is something for a tiny bug

The nits

Tear drop shaped eggs laid close to the scalp and stuck to the hair.

Once laid, a nit can take up to 15 days to hatch

The juveniles

3 to 4 days a baby

They are bright red dots when newly hatched and take their first blood meal. They darken as the blood oxidises. Sexless.

3 to 4 days as a medium louse

Then sheds its skin again to grow. Still sexless

3 to 4 days as a young adult

At the end of this development the louse gains its sex

The adult females

As soon as they have a gender they mate. The female lays her first eggs 24 hours later.

She  needs to mate once. She can then lay up to 10 eggs a day for 30 days

Headlice treatments fail you


Listen to your own experience – have you used lice treatments and still found lice?


Our clients have used a lot of lice treatments and we still extract live lice from their hair


In 2006 Government research found that 80% of the time chemicals and pesticides didn’t work – the lice just built immunity

We always deliver

Daily Mail
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"In Australia the advertising regulator for health products upheld complaints over an advert for Hedrin. The regulator was ‘by no means satisfied …the ‘kill rate’ or the claim that their kill rate was ‘clinically proven"
Ms RLondon
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“I’ve just used Hedrin Once three times and I’m losing the will to go on”
Dr Jose FigueroaDeputy Director of Public Health for City and Hackney Primary Care Trust, Daily Mail
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“Some treatments are considered 'liquid medical devices' which means there is far less regulation than there should be and studies don’t stand up to scrutiny”

Heavy infestations

The build up of nits – the eggs – can be extreme.  In the hair will be a lot of old, empty eggs as well as healthy, newly laid ones. The problem is the old empty ones are often in the way making it harder to get to the fresh ones. Those eggs keep hatching and the infestation keeps growing creating heavy, very heavy, even extreme infestations 

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The Hairforce Home Assassination Kit gives you everything you need to check and clear like a professional.
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