Nit & head lice
removal service

Let the Hairforce get rid of every
last nit and head louse
100% guaranteed
No chemicals, pesticides or toxins

Nit & head lice removal service

Let the Hairforce get rid of every last nit and head louse

Forensic check


Unsure if you or the family has them? Think you cleared them but are just not sure? Our meticulous forensic examination can conclusively determine if you have them or not

Check for lice

We hoover the hair section by section with our specialist hoover to find any lice – this is a very fast and efficient process

Check for eggs

We then go section by section looking for the presence of any eggs working with specialist lighting and medical magnifying visors

Forensic clear

2 appointments, 7 days apart – 100% guaranteed shut down

1st appointment

Average infestation


Heavy infestation


Very heavy infestation


Remove the lice

We hoover the hair section by section with our specialist lice hoover – a fast efficient & contained way of removing all the lice

Dehydrate the eggs

We dehydrate the nits – the eggs – using revolutionary controlled heated air technology

Remove the eggs

Using out professional Nit & Lice Remover we nit comb & nit-pick, removing all the visible eggs

2nd appointment


Check for lice

The hair is hoovered again to check nothing has hatched over the last 7 days

Remove the eggs

We nit comb and nit pick using our professional Nit & Lice Remover extracting the last of the nits coming through

Why 2 appointments?

When lice lay their eggs they lay invisible sacs of liquid so at the first appointment there are eggs we cannot see. The majority of these will dry out through the week.

Additionally the controlled heated air has an over 95% effectiveness rate, so we are also interested in that potential under 5% that can come through because we guarantee 100%.

Heavy infestations:

Heavy infestations change their developmental cycle and eggs can take longer to come through, so heavy infestations require an additional 3rd appointment to shut them totally down which is also £50

Hairforce clinics

We have clinics in London, the South East, Midlands, Warwickshire,
and Scotland

Why we're effective

No one knows lice like we do

We’ve been professionally clearing nits and head lice since 2006. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or cleared

We have the

We use specialist lice hoovers to remove the lice, heated air technology to safely dehydrate the eggs, and medical magnifying visors plus specialist lighting for forensic detail

We have the

Our unique divide and control approach and our 3-stage clearing process ensures no louse or egg is missed. Our medical grade hygiene protocol protects everyone

Our professional Lice Assassins

Extensively trained, they are patient, focused and have an eye for detail. They also understand nits and lice undermine, and that you need restoring

We don't use head lice products

Because we know lice can beat chemical lice treatments we don’t use them. Instead we work naturally, using a combination of clever technology and rigorous hand clearing

Our lab is real life

Our approach has been tested in our clinics every day since 2006. We know it works which is why we guarantee what we do

We win the war

Mrs UNotting Hill
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"Before I got to you, I had spent at least £250 on lice treatments – and what a waste that was. This was money well spent because it worked!"
Mrs L HMarylebone
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"I wish I had done it sooner. I am constantly recommending the service so others can rid of it too."
Dr Christian JessenChannel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies
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"The Hairforce are the Lice Experts"

Get kitted out

Win the war in your own home with Hairforce products.
   The same products we use in our clinics backed with our expert tutorials.

The absolute essential

Everything you need to win

Professional nit & lice remover

  • Clinically proven to end nit & lice infestations
  • High performance professional formula
  • Safe, non-toxic & irritation free – No pesticides, no parabens, no sulphates, no oils
  • High visibility, see through formula
  • Non-greasy leave in
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Backed with our expert training

The home assassination kit

The Hairforce Home Assassination Kit gives you everything you need to check and clear like a professional.
  • Hairforce professional nit & lice remover
  • Professional nit comb
  • Tail comb for diving into hair sections
  • 12 small hairbands for easy division
  • Professional magnifier

Know the enemy

All the intel you need to win the war on nits & head lice

Talk to us

All the support you need to win