Can Bald Men With Beards Get Head Lice

There are lice for different parts of the body. Head lice for the hair on your head, preferring to crawl around on your scalp and lay their eggs near the roots of the hair. There are pubic lice for you know where. There are eyelash lice for the eyelashes (a growing issue with the rise of eyelash extensions) and there are body lice for the rest of the body.

Generally, head lice stick to their namesake territory, but occasionally they can be found to stray to a different part of the body, usually because of human behaviour.

Where can head lice turn up, other than in the hair?

Head lice have been found to stray into the pubic area if a partner with an infestation puts their head in that region. Someone with an extremely serious head lice infestation may have head lice drop into the eyelashes.

A bald man with a beard may get head lice in the beard if they have other members of the family with serious infestations whose hair gets very close to it. It also depends on how dense and the beard it. The denser the hair, the happier the head lice are to populate it.

bald men with beards

How to deal with head lice in a beard?

You will need to nit comb it with a long-toothed metal nit comb and some conditioner. If you don’t want to do that, shave off the beard and grow a new one, and in the meantime ensure the head lice on the other members of your family and properly cleared.

If you are a bald man with a beard and you are unsure what head lice look like, visit our website to get fully informed and ‘know the enemy’.

Need more advice or help in clearing an infestation?

The Hairforce is a professional nit and head lice clearing service that can remove the lice and eggs for you and shut the infestation down. Visit one of our clinics or call 0207 485 7351 for assistance.

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