Can Cats Get Lice?

Can cats get nits? This is a common question that we are here to debunk. Head lice are pesky parasites that irritate children and adults, but when head lice are in the house, many people worry that their pet cat may catch them as well. This blog explains that human head lice won’t live on your cat or any other furry pets in your house, so fear not your cats cannot get nits!

Human and Animal Blood

Headlice can only survive by feeding on human blood and as human and animal blood is different, you do not need to worry about headlice feeding on cats or other animals. They would not be able to survive from your cat’s blood and therefore tend to stay solely on human hair. 

Cat Specific Parasites 

Just as you thought cats could escape these pesky parasites, they in fact have their very own version of head lice, called Feline Pediculosis. These are also known as “chewing louse” and feed from the cat’s skin cells. They look similar to human head lice but rest assured, they cannot be transferred to humans. If you do notice head lice-looking pests on your cat, there are shampoos and treatments you can buy, or speak to a vet for advice. 

Specific Species 

Lice differ from other parasites because they can only survive on the animals or people they have adapted to. As said before, because human and cat blood are different, the head lice has evolved to survive in the conditions of a human head, not in a different environment like cat fur or any other animal fur. When the next wave of head lice enters your household, you can relax knowing no cats or other pets can catch them. 

Finding Cat Lice 

Although cats cannot catch human head lice, if you do spot similar-looking creatures, it is best to consult a vet for the best course of action. 

We hope this blog has cleared up the question “can cats get nits”. For more information about head lice and the best treatment methods from our expert team, please contact The Hairforce today at 020 7485 7351 or email us at [email protected]

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