Causes of an Itchy Scalp for Bald Men

At the Hairforce we specialise in head lice and have been doing so since 2016. In all that time we have seen many thousands of people, of all ages and genders. Not once have we found a bald man to have head lice. However, there are other causes of an itchy scalp for bald men.

Head lice need hair to attach to so they can climb up onto the head; they need hair to lay their eggs on; hair to hide in and protect themselves, their eggs, and their offspring. If hair isn’t present, then they will not crawl on. It is safe to say that if you are bald and have an itchy scalp, it will NOT be because you have head lice. This cause can be truly eliminated from your list. There can be other reasons why your bald head is itching.

Your bald scalp may be itching because of vitamin deficiency

It could be that you are deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients. Low levels of vitamin B2, B3B6 and zinc can be a major contributor to scalp issues. Check your diet and add lots of vegetables and some supplements if necessary. If you believe your diet is perfectly good then do ask your doctor for a blood test so the levels of vitamins and nutrients can be properly checked.

Your bald scalp may be itching because of inflamed hair follicles

Inflamed hair follicles, called folliculitis, appear as red itchy bumps. This inflammation can be caused by bacteria infecting the follicle. This can be caused by rubbing or touching the scalp a lot or frequent shaving. It can be cleared up quite easily by changing habits and using mildly medicated shampoo, frequently washing the hair.

Your bald scalp may be itching due to an allergic reaction to products

It may be that you are experiencing a reaction to whatever shaving, moisturising, or sun protection products you use on your bald scalp. Work on a basis of elimination rather than change all of them at once. Possibly you have changed one or all the products in the recent past and you can track the itchiness back to starting at that time? Do check the ingredients of all the products you use in case anything stands out for you.

Your bald scalp may be itching because of dandruff

You may have a dry scalp that needs attention. Possibly the soap or shampoo you are using is too harsh. The scalp is skin, so you may require gentler products or specific dandruff shampoo.

Your bald scalp may be itching due to scarring

Scar tissue can damage the nerve endings in the skin, and this can cause itchiness. A good moisturising cream or oil that contains Vitamin E can relieve the itching. Alternatively, a cool compress on the scar can help with the itching.

There can be more serious issues that present as itchiness on the scalp, so if in doubt then do go to your doctor or pharmacist and have it inspected and treated. Your doctor may recommend that you see a dermatologist if that is necessary.

Need more advice or help in clearing an infestation?

The Hairforce is a professional nit and head lice clearing service that can remove the lice and eggs for you and shut the infestation down. Visit one of our clinics or call 0207 485 7351 for assistance.

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