Does Antihistamine Work For An Itchy Scalp?

When it comes to head lice, stopping the itching can be the first priority. Maybe you have considered taking an antihistamine for itchy scalp relief before. This article will delve into how antihistamines for itchy scalps may help with the incessant itching, however, this will not remove the head lice and eggs, but The Hairforce can take care of head lice for you. 

Why does Head Lice cause itchy scalps?

​​Head lice can cause itchy scalps due to their saliva. When head lice feed on blood from the scalp, they inject saliva that contains chemicals, to make it easier to feed on the blood. These chemicals can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, leading to itchiness. Additionally, as nits hatch, the baby lice move around the scalp, which can further irritate the skin, again, causing itching.

Why Antihistamine Helps With Itching 

The effectiveness of an antihistamine for itchy scalp relief depends on why a scalp is itching, but assuming that headlice is the cause of itching, taking an antihistamine in this situation will ease it but won’t solve it. When the scalp reacts to an irritant like head lice, it triggers the release of histamines, causing itchiness. Antihistamines work by counteracting these histamines, thereby reducing the itching sensation. When someone has head lice, they may also get raised red bumps at the nape of the neck which can be very itchy.  Again, these are a reaction to the head lice feeding. Taking an antihistamine for itchy scalps can ease the irritation but again, the head lice need to be removed and the infestation shut down for the itching to fully subside.

Steps to Take 

Firstly, if you want to control an itchy scalp caused by head lice, antihistamine is a good starting idea, but completely removing the head lice is the most important next step. You should comb through each section of hair with a fine-tooth comb, wiping the comb on a tissue after each stroke to remove nits. Make sure the hair is not dry or it could break. Then you should use a specialised nit treatment, this is usually a shampoo or lotion. After applying the treatment and following the recommended waiting period, comb through the hair again to remove any remaining nits or dead lice. Remember to check every day for a few days after to make sure the treatment has worked effectively. Also, it is important to wash clothing, bedding, and other items that may have come into contact with the affected person. Drying them on high heat is an extra measure to eliminate any remaining lice or nits.

If it isn’t head lice but your scalp is itching it may be another kind of allergic reaction like hay fever or a change of shampoo or other hair product.  

If your head is itching and you think it might be head lice then contact The Hairforce on 020 7485 7351 to book a check or a clear to stop the itching permanently.

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