Evenings on BBC Radio Berkshire with Anoushka Williams

Anoushka asks an expert every week a burning parenting question – this week it was ‘Do nits only live in clean hair?’

Dee Wright, the Founder of The Hairforce gave the answer Anoushka, and many parents dread – No! Head lice like all hair, be it clean or dirty and anything in between. It’s not the condition of the hair they are that bothered about.

Instead, for head lice it is all about your blood! That’s why they are in there, to feed off your child’s blood. The hair is their hiding place and where they set up home. If you want to protect your child from catching them you need to make sure they tie their hair back if it is long enough.

Regular checking is also a wise thing to do. September is a key time in the head lice calendar as everyone goes back to school, so being vigilant now will pay dividends.

Listen to the interview here:

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