How To Treat Head Lice Effectively

Getting rid of head lice isn’t always easy. Relying on products doesn’t guarantee results. At The Hairforce we are professionals in nit and head lice removal. If you want to know how to get rid of nits and lice we can help.

We have been shutting down infestations day in, day out since 2006 using our innovative, highly effective and importantly, guaranteed approach. 

In this article, we explain our professional approach for how to get rid of nits and lice. We can give you the essential information you need to win the battle against head lice and nits.

If you have questions about head lice, why not read our FAQ page. If you would like to learn how to treat head lice, read on. 

How to get rid of nits and lice     

At The Hairforce we can help you to get rid of head lice effectively and quickly. We use a combination of clever technology and hand clearing to speed things up and to shut down an infestation for you.

However, if you want to do it yourself, we would recommend that you really consider how effective off-the-shelf head lice treatments or home remedies are. If you have used these products and have still found head lice or eggs you may want to consider seeking professional help now rather than later.

We would suggest not using chemical head lice products or you could find yourself chasing your tail for some time. If these products or home remedies don’t kill all the nits and head lice then the cycle picks up and continues and can often multiply out of control quite quickly.

You’re much better off with a more straightforward approach – a good metal long toothed nit comb and some conditioner. We recommend being systematic in your combing and clearing. You need to do it regularly to get all the lice and all the eggs out of the hair before the lice grow up and the eggs hatch.

Alternatively, visit one of our clinics for guaranteed lice removal. 

What methods does The Hairforce use to get rid of nits?

The service we provide at The Hairforce is one that guarantees to be 100% effective. The Hairforce use a combination of clever technology and hand clearing to deliver a forensic, fast, safe and effective result.

We don’t use any head lice products, dimethicone or insecticides so the head lice cannot become immune to any part of our process and it means that our process avoids the unnecessary use of chemicals on children and adults.

2 appointments, 7 days apart

At the first appointment: we hoover out all the head lice using a specialist lice hoover. We then use university-developed controlled heated air technology to dehydrate the eggs. Following this, we apply our specialist leave-in conditioner which we have made especially for nit combing, and nit comb and nit-pick out all the visible eggs.

At second appointment: we see someone for a second appointment because when lice lay their eggs, they lay invisible sacks of liquid, so there are eggs at the first appointment we cannot see.

The controlled heated air technology we use will dehydrate the vast majority of these, as that technology has an over 95% effectiveness rate, but we are then interested in that potential under 5% – because we guarantee 100% shutdown.

We clear a lot of people who use a lot of products but haven’t yet managed to clear the infestation. Our process gives them the certainty and the result they have been desperate to achieve.

How often should I check for head lice?

At The Hairforce we recommend checking for head lice once a week to ensure that you stay on top of the problem.

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