Professional head lice removal: What is it and how does it work?

There is an alternative to going mad in the bathroom using head lice treatment products: professional head lice removal. This is a professional service approach that takes the workload off your hands and effectively shuts down the infestation for you. Not everyone is aware that such a service even exists, but those in the know have had their lives transformed because of it.

What is professional head lice removal?

This is a service (so an expert does all the hard work for you, faster), not a product approach to shutting down a head lice infestation. In the UK The Hairforce, founded in 2006 created a unique service approach to the problem which clear your infestation for you.

Our professionally trained and skilled head lice removal technicians are called Lice Assassins. They work to a set process using a combination of clever technology to speed everything up, and forensic hand clearing, and deliver a 100% effectiveness.

The Hairforce has several head lice removal clinics or salons around the country. Our service approach does not use any head lice products in its process – what’s the point if you can do that yourself at home? But also, why bother when the products aren’t that effective anyway?

Treating head lice with specialist equipment

How does the professional process work?

The professional head lice removal service provided by The Hairforce works in the following way:

  • Firstly, we hoover the hair with a specialist louse hoover. This is a very contained and efficient way of removing all the crawling head lice
  • Once the lice are out of the way, we then use university-developed heated air technology to dehydrate or desiccate the eggs
  • Finally, we forensically nit comb and nit-pick out the eggs

The process, therefore, deals not only with the head lice but also the eggs – and if you don’t remove it all then the eggs hatch, the lice grow up, and the infestation picks itself back up again.

When head lice lay their eggs they lay invisible sacks of liquid so this means there are eggs in the hair at the first appointment that the Lice Assassins cannot see – so the professional head lice removal process requires a second appointment 7 days later. This is a shorter session during which the hair is hoovered, nit combed and nit-picked removing all the eggs that come through. The vast majority of these eggs will have been dried out by the controlled heated air part of the process.

This professional process employs highly trained and skilled Lice Assassins as head lice removal technicians who have the training and experience to clear head lice infestations at a forensic level.

When do you need a head lice removal service?

If anyone is struggling to clear a head lice infestation or if the head lice infestation has become out of control, then a professional head lice removal service is a great support to turn to. Everyone is told to use the head lice treatment products, but many find that these don’t really work, and they are left with a continuous problem that keeps returning or never going away. If the products leave you in this situation, then it is all down to meticulous nit combing to get all the lice and eggs out of the hair.

Many people do not have the time for this at the end of the day. For some the volume of hair, they are working with will defeat them. For others, their child has simply had enough of sitting whilst they are treated by a parent. For many, their eyesight isn’t the best to see all the eggs.

A professional head lice removal service like The Hairforce has all that covered – specialist lighting and medical magnifiers for clarity of vision, movie entertainment for the child, and Lice Assassins performing a focussed and time-sensitive clearing process who aren’t Mum or Dad.

Professional head lice treatment is the answer

Professional lice removal is a much more efficient and effective answer to clearing a head lice infestation than constantly using head lice products that don’t quite work. It also provides enormous support for parents who struggle with the problem. It is a very lonely and undermining time trying to deal with this problem on your own, so being able to turn to a professional who can just deal with it effectively is priceless.

The Hairforce was set up as an alternative to the products, and where those products failed the Hairforce delivered the kind of effectiveness parents craved. As an entirely chemical-free process, it also gives parents peace of mind that their child is not being constantly doused in chemicals.

How can I get my child’s head lice treated by the professionals?

The Hairforce nit and head lice removal clinics exclusively provide a checking and clearing service. If you would like to book an appointment, check out the locations of the clinics, or talk to them about their process, then see our clinics here.

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