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At The Hairforce we are renowned for our innovative and professional nit & head lice removal service. So much so that we are often covered by the media interested in our services and our knowledge of the subject.

We have been featured by many mainstream media publications, TV and Radio shows including:

  • Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies
  • The Guardian
  • Mail On Sunday
  • BBC Radio Bristol
  • This Morning TV
  • The Times
  • The Financial Times

Embarrassing Bodies – Channel 4


The Hairforce featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

Embarrassing Bodies call The Hairforce ‘The Lice Experts’ from witnessing how we work and the results we deliver. They have featured us many times and recommended us on their programme to clear all levels of infestations; from the newly caught to the heavy and long term, to working with them to show how infestations transfer at a rapid rate when people socialise together even for just a short time.

When Embarrassing Bodies deal with head lice as an issue, they call The Hairforce in for the professional solution.

The Guardian


The Guardians article – ‘Poo, nits and handsy dads: what childcare professionals really think about your kids’.

The Hairforce Founder, Dee, was interviewed for this piece in The Guardian on what professionals who work with children think of the children.

At The Hairforce we care deeply about what children go through with head lice. It isn’t as easy to have head lice as many think, and the child’s emotions can be forgotten. The people behind the products just don’t understand that, because if they did the products would do what they say they do and people wouldn’t be caught up in constant rounds of head lice treatment.

Read the full article in here.

Susannah Constantine testimonial


Susannah Constantine had nits for 3 years

Susannah Constantine fought an infestation for 3 long years. She tried every product on the market but still couldn’t clear the infestation. She then came to us and we quickly shut down the infestation for her. She was so pleased with The Hairforce that she wanted to write a newspaper article about her experience with head lice and tell people that there is another way – The Hairforce!

Read the full article here.

The Times

The Hairforce has been featured in The Times in an article explaining how mum’s and dads are busier than ever before, often with each in demanding job roles.

The article goes on to explain how parents in these situations can ease the burdens and pressure on their time by hiring professionals to do time-consuming and sometimes difficult or daunting tasks, like forensic nit head lice removal.

We know (as we’ve seen it) lice can bring parents to their wits end. Sometimes you just need a little professional help to get it sorted properly.

Our Lice Assassins are highly trained experts at removal and forensically clearing nits and head lice and have often had experience of the of the struggle with lice themselves – either in their own childhood or through their own children. That understanding is evident in how they work and the satisfaction they get from helping others get rid head lice from their lives.

Download the PDF below

This Morning – ITV

Watch it here

The Financial Times

Read the article here



Guide on how to spot head lice and nits.

Read the article here

Operation Ouch

Watch it here

The Hairforce at work

Learn more about our lice removal checking and clearing services now!

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