What Can Cause A Rash On The Hairline?

Finding a rash on your hairline can be alarming, however, there are many reasons why this could be and it is important to not ignore this. This blog explores how lice can be responsible for a hairline rash and other possible causes and ways to address the issue. 

Check For Lice

If you happen to find a rash on your hairline, the first thing to do is check for head lice. When the head lice feed on your blood they inject their saliva, and if you are allergic to it then your scalp will itch. That irritation can also cause a rash on the hairline and other areas of the scalp. Additionally, itching your scalp can increase the risk of infection in the bites, so it is best to find the cause of the itching and fix it as soon as possible.

How To Check For Lice?

The best way to check for head lice is to divide the hair into sections and work section by section with conditioner and a nit comb to determine if there are any head lice and/or eggs (the nits) present.  If there are then you need to comb them all out of the hair. There are specialist treatments that can help you get rid of head lice and ensure the eggs and nits have been removed. If you need expert help with this, please contact The Hairforce.

Seeking Medical Advice 

If you cannot find any evidence of head lice or nits, then you should speak to your GP or pharmacist and get them to examine the rash. The rash could be several other things like psoriasis, dermatitis, folliculitis, or acne.  The doctor or pharmacist may prescribe you a medicated shampoo or steroid to clear up the rash and itching. 

Other Factors 

If the cause of the rash is not headlice or the other medical reasons mentioned above, it could also be contact dermatitis which is caused by the skin being irritated by a hair product or shampoo you have been using.  If you think this might be the case, we recommend eliminating the product for some time to see if the rash clears up.  If the rash goes then that may well have been the cause and ensure you avoid that product in the future. 

If you think your hairline rash is caused by head lice but are unable to identify it properly yourself, then do contact The Hairforce. We are a professional nit and head lice clearing service and we can book you in for a check or a clear. Please visit www.hairforceclinics.com, or call on 020 7485 7351 for more information. 

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